Writing – 5th grade.

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1.- The class is divided in groups of three.

2.- The pupils have 10 minutes for writing in a paper the different parts of the sentece in present and past (Do, does, did, didn’t, doesn’t, don’t, subjectes, complements and verbs).

3.- Now they have to cut the words and we can begin the activity.

4.- They have to write sentences with the tense the teacher says.

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Social Science – Map of Europe – 5th

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  1. The class is divided in groups with the Random Name Selector Lite.
  2. The teacher distributes a political map of Europe.
  3. The pupils fill the countries with different play dough and place a small poster with the name of the country and the capital.
  4. We have an awesome job!

Inmaculada Jiménez


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In English we love learning food vocabulary! Is there any better way than through storybooks? Here we present ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to 4ºA Infantil by Teacher Alba. Enjoy! :)’


4ºPRIM – Project: Landscapes

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Description of landscapes elements.

Teachers: Laura & Inma